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Bedi-Makky Art Foundry

The leading and most respected art foundry in the world.

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Our family run Foundry was started in the 1920's.  We employ the traditional methods of bronze casting and restoration. 

The Foundry has produced several famous works by leading artists such as Chaim Gross, Tom Otterness and Greg Wyatt. 

Among our most notable castings are the Iwo Jima Memorial (1954), The East Coast Memorial Eagle in Battery Park (dedicated

by President John F. Kennedy in 1963), The Charging Bull of Wall Street (1989), The Family at Bleecker Street Sitting Area (1992),

and the 56 foot FDNY 9/11 Memorial Wall (2006) installed at Engine Company 10, adjacent to Ground Zero.  We have performed

many restorations including the Citywide Monuments Conservation Program.

Chaim Gross (famous artist): 

     "The Bedi-Makky Art Foundry is my sole source of bronze statues. 
       The respect they have earned from me over the years can not be
       matched.  Perfectionists at work"